Komade Uro

Komade is a collaborative lighting project made together with Spanish product designer Lola Buades. Inspired by Mediterranean baskets Uro explores traditional Majorcan (Spain) 'Llata' basket weaving techniques within the new context of lighting. Currently the Uro family consists of two lamps: Pendant (hanging) and Spotlight (portable).

Both lamps are entirely handmade out of braided palm leaves and incorporate the use of LEDs. Once the palm is collected, it is processed, cut, braided and sewed into a basket. This project attempts to revive and explore this Majorcan craft within a new context and is made in collaboration with local artisans on the island. Photography by Julia van Zanten & Lola Buades.

Uro hanging lamp Uro hanging lamp Uro hanging lamp Komade Uro Project
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Uro portable lamp Komade Uro lighting Komade Uro portable